If you’d like to participate in organizing the conference or help during CologneMUN 2018 as a volunteer, please find the application forms on our webpage or contact us directly if you have any questions:

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We have put together the most amazing team of MUN enthusiasts to bring you CologneMUN 2018! Our Secretariat consists of 16 dedicated students from the universities of Cologne and Paderborn.

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Helena Heberer

Helena is a founding member of the Cologne MUN Society and its former president. Her MUN career started in 2013. Since then, she’s participated as both chair and delegate in international conferences all over the world. Her enthusiasm for MUN is just another consequence of her international orientation: After a gap year in Israel, Helena completed one semester abroad at the University of Cape Town and later another one at SciencesPo, Paris. Yet, for her home is where the dome is (so cliché, but true). She currently pursues a Master’s degree in Political Sciences at the University of Cologne.

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P1040494Lucie Bongartz
Chief of Staff

Lucie is a 23 years old German law student at the University of Cologne. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in European law from Maastricht University. During her bachelor’s she experienced MUN for the first time when she was part of organizing team for EuroMUN 2013 and 2014. She continued doing MUN at the University of Cologne by participating in international conferences as a chair and delegate and as Vice-president of the Cologne MUN Society in 2015 and 2016.

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Sören Wehrheim
USG Academics

Sören Wehrheim is a 22-year old student of Computer Science from Paderborn, Germany. He is the only external member of the Secretariat. As Under-Secretary-General for Academics, Sören is responsible for ensuring a high academic quality at CologneMUN by selecting chairs, committees and topics, and providing assistance throughout the conference.Sören has participated in over 40 MUN conferences, as either chair or delegate.

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Venüs Cingöz
Team Academics

Venüs is currently studying law at the University of Cologne. If you ask her where she is from, she will likely offer you a puzzle for a response. Venüs was born and raised in Stuttgart, is proudly Turkish and graduated from the German Embassy School in Ankara. At the University, she concentrates on Criminology and wants to become a good lawyer in the future. She is also passionate about international politics and international law. Therefore, she is an active member of the Cologne MUN Society and also its director for activities. Her MUN career started out in high school. In the last three years, she attended several international MUN conferences. As a member of the Academics team she wants to help and try to make the CologneMUN 2018 unforgettable.


Felix Schwabbauer

Felix is a dedicated Social Sciences student in his second year of his B.Sc. Growing up in Luxembourg and graduating at the European School of Luxembourg resulted in a rather international background. After gathering his first model-diplomatic impressions at the Model European Council of the European Schools in 2014, he joined the Cologne MUN Society in 2016 and proved to be a motivated MUNer ever since. To him, becoming part of the Secretariat of the very first CologneMUN, was an “irresistible honour” and offering you a conference full of great debates, thrilling ceremonies and unforgettable socials a “pleasant duty”.

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lisa schwiLisa Schulte-Wissermann
UDG Finance

Lisa is a fifth-year law student in Cologne with her main emphasis on International and European Law. In 2013 she took part in her first MUN and since then has experienced six international MUNs. Her original intention consisting of the improvement of her rhetoric and english speaking skills, she has early helped founding the association and is currently Chief Financial Officer and Under-Director-General of Finance.

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Lisa Lützenkirchen
UDG Logistics

Lisa is the Under-Director General for Logistics. It is her role, and that of her team, to ensure that the conference runs smoothly. Lisa’s interest in debating and diplomacy, which she developed during MUNs at school, led her to pursue this passion by joining the Cologne MUN Society and had an impact on her decision to read Law at university.

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Logistics Team

The Logistics Team is comprised of Amélie Eichholz, Yanelvis Hechavarría Duret, Leonard Kordowski, Ragna Merzadah and Lena Schneider.


Manuel Liu
UDG Public Relations

Manuel has been an (M)UN-enthusiast since his first participation in 2013. Since then he has been chair, delegate and staff member at numerous MUN conferences. He was also Secretary-General of JUNON (Junges-UNO-Netzwerk, English: UN Youth Association Germany), Board Member of UNYANET (UN Youth Association Network) and UN Volunteer at COP23 in Bonn, Germany. These are a perfect extracurricular projects to his B.A. in Philosophy and China Studies.

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Thomas Scholz
Team PR

Thomas is a 22 year old student of Economics and Political science at the University of Cologne.

We would further like to thank Maike Abben, Manuela Baiker and Sylvia Sabarth for their support.