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CologneMUN 2018 – Green Conference Strategy (PDF)

When we first started talking about setting up a Model UN conference in Cologne, the importance of making it a sustainable event became immediately apparent to us. Hosting a conference with more than 150 participants comes with major responsibilities towards the environment and the local community. We intend to live up to these responsibilities, whilst at the same time raise awareness and inspire change among participants, staff and service providers. 

So, we began looking for Green Conference strategies at MUN conferences and other events with similarities in size and scope. While we were happy to find a lot of conferences already making strives in the direction of sustainability, no Green Conference strategy met our ambitions. We plan to go further than most “carbon-neutral” conferences and include the neutralisation of all potent greenhouse gases.

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Look out for the sustainability seal before and during the conference!

With the help of institutional guidelines, drawn up by the UNEP and the Federal Environmental Agency of Germany, we will take all the necessary steps in order to measure, reduce and offset the entire carbon footprint CologneMUN 2018 will leave behind. Areas included in these actions will be transportation, catering, accommodation, energy efficiency and procurement. Whilst respecting the participants’ freedom of choice when it comes to these areas, we will simply mark the most sustainable options with our sustainability seal.

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