Cologne MUN Society

Cologne MUN Society is a group of about 100 students from the University of Cologne, from all branches of study – spanning from law and political science (obviously) to philosophy and regional studies all the way to medicine and mathematics. Twice a year, usually once in February and once in August, we call for applications. The call will be announced over the Society’s social media presence, and of course on their homepage.

The Cologne MUN Society regularly participates in the very prestigious conferences in Oxford and Cambridge, and in the past has travelled to London, Paris, Rome, Hamburg, and Tel Aviv. In 2015, a delegation travelled to Seoul, South Korea, to take part in Harvard WorldMUN and in 2017 we participated in the prestigious NMUN in New York.

On October 9th, the General Assembly of the Cologne MUN Society elected Emilie Braun, Antonia Römer und Antonia Zelter as the new Board for the upcoming year.

Find out more about the Cologne MUN Society on their homepage.