Conference App


Conference App

CologneMUN 2019 will be providing a Conference App with the help of our friends from LineUpr. This is not an Event-App downloadable in any App Store, but rather an offline Event-URL. You will be able to download it to you phone’s desktop screen and it will then open the app in your phone’s browser. However, it does not send notifications, so please check the app regularly, as we will update you via the app about United Times reports, schedule changes and fun surveys!

If you’re having trouble adding the app to your phone’s home screen consult this instructional site or contact our UDG Public Relations, Miriam Arimond.

  1. Enter the URL for the CologneMUN 2019 App.
  2. Android: Tap on the Menu button (the three dots) in the corner. | iOS: Click on the share icon (the arrow that looks like it’s trying to get away from a square) in the middle of the lower bar.
  3. Android: This will open a new menu. Here you have to touch „Add to Home screen“. | iOS: Now, a new window will open, where you can find the icon „Add to Home Screen“. Tab on it.
  4. The bookmark is set on your home screen.