Chair Application

Chair Application is closed! Delegates Application will start soon!




Delegate Application

The applications for delegate positions will open on July 15th and will close end of August.



Chair applications are open until July 3rd.


This is the chairing application form for Cologne Model United Nations 2022. The conference will be taking place from the 20th to 23rd October 2022 at the University of Cologne in Germany. Chairing staff will be expected to be available for the entire duration of the conference and to complete all pre-conference work while respecting set deadlines.

We’re very happy to have once again a Conference in Cologne with four different Committees, that’s why our slogan from this year is “We’re back!” We’re planning three social events that will provide a taste of Cologne’s multifaceted culture and nightlife, which will make this experience more remarkable. Browse our website for more information about the conference.

Chairs will be exempt from any participation fee and will not have to pay for entry to the socials, accommodation will also be provided by the secretariat. Once your application is completed, you may be asked to attend a Zoom interview to further assess your potential as a chair.

Best Regards,

Academics Group.


The allocation process will start immediately after the application deadline on July 3rd. Interviews will be conducted at the beginning of July. All chair positions will be filled by the end of July.