Word of Welcome (2022 version under construction)

Word of Welcome

Distinguished Delegates,
Honorable Chairs,

I am very honored to have the possibility to host the third edition of CologneMUN and would therefore like to express a special gratitude to the previous team and all participants of CologneMUN 2019, who made this possible. We created wonderful memories, gathered a lot of experience and could not be happier about your amazing feedback.
For our next conference, we will put together a dedicated team and work hard in order to give you another unforgettable experience in our wonderful city of Cologne. We therefore cordially invite you all to be part of our journey – so be prepared for lively debates and amazing socials!

Many new and unknown things happened in the world during the last two years. Considering current international trends and discussions we decided to focus on a very important topic. Thus, the CologneMUN 2022 will be host under the slogan “Security Challenges for the world of tomorrow”. Ongoing and emerging conflicts such as the still on-going COVID-19 pandemic as well as the Ukraine conflict affect us as a global community and lead to new Security Challenges. We are aware of the fear and insecurity that many may feel because of the current situation. Nevertheless, we invite you to meet with us in Cologne and to look forward to a week that will bring the world a little bit more together.

We believe that Model UN is the right place to come up with new and creative ideas and discuss them among open-minded and motivated students from all over the world. Only with an open mind and the will to change something, we can face the challenges and create new opportunities. We are very much looking forward to an academically demanding and enthralling conference and hope to see you in 2022!

Kind regards,
Eduardo Urdaneta