Meet the Team

We have put together the most amazing team of MUN enthusiasts to bring you CologneMUN 2020!

Jana Gietman


Jana is a Cologne-based law student, currently in her second year. Before studying law, she worked at an international NGO called CARE where she discovered her passion for international relations and diplomacy. Besides MUN, Jana is also a member of the European Youth Parliament Germany. Organizing the third edition of CologneMUN is her biggest challenge so far.

She is very eager and motivated to work hard to enable another unforgettable conference.

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Alexander Fabig

Chief of Staff

Alexander is an 21-year-old Law student from Cologne. He gained deep insights into the world of the MUN Universe through former work colleague Jana and was willed to join and support her first MUN Adventure.With a range of experience in international politics, Alexander is excited to create and share with you the special Cologne MUN Vibes that he has picked up along his way. Alexander prioritizes out of box thinking in order to bring the most valuable solution to Cologne MUN.

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Alfie Jenkins

USG Academics

Alfie is a born and raised Londoner and Politics and International Relations graduate from the University of Reading. He started MUN over 6 years ago, having taken on 40+ conferences in most positions from delegate, crisis staff, chair and most recently as the Secretary-General for the 2018 edition of LIMUN: High School.
Having chaired at CologneMUN last year, he’s very excited to be returning as the USG Academics and selecting an ace chairing team.
Outside of MUN, Alfie can be found either adjusting to the post graduate life, enjoying an episode of Rick and Morty or gaming (he will become best friends with anyone excited for Devil May Cry 5’s release in March)

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Zoe Breuer

USG Fundraising

Zoe is a 21-year-old law student at Cologne University and currently commencing the third year of her studies. Before that, she did an apprenticeship in an interstate aligned company where she discovered that she would like to continue working in such an international environment.
Hence, after a school exchange to America she decided to do a stay abroad in Barcelona this year.

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Emmanouela Sougli

USG Applications

Emmanouela is an undergraduate law student at AUTh in Greece. Her interests range from debating, and public speaking to international politics and human rights. She has been engaging in several MUNs, MEUs, think tanks and other equivalent projects around the world. Always busy and sarcastic but also moody and headstrong. After all, she is more than happy to be a part of CologneMUN team once again.

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Çılga Merten

USG Public Relations

Çılga is a student at the Cologne University. Being part of the first generation of Model UN students at her high school shaped her life in the best way possible. As someone who loves international exchange she quickly realised how at home she felt in the world of MUN. She took part in several high school MUNs as well as a youth peace conference and is eager to connect with many more people from many more countries in the future.
Apart from MUN, Çılga loves going after literally anything that sparks her interest and preferably has that sort of “international spark”. She also lived in Japan for a year and is always ready to have a nice chat about the country, though her lack of knowledge of otaku culture hinders her from answering most questions about manga or anime.

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Friederike Kühl

USG Finance

Friederike is currently enrolled in a B.Sc. program of Economics at University of Cologne. She believes that international relations and diplomacy are two of the most important and effective ways real political and social change can be achieved. MUN enables her to put these believes into action and fuse them with her passion for heated debates, political exchange and negotiations.
Friederike has been engaged in MUN debates and conferences since 2018 and is excited to be part of the CologneMUN 2020 Executive Board and Secretariat!

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