Meet the Team

We have put together the most amazing team of MUN enthusiasts to bring you CologneMUN 2019!

Irina Berg


Irina is 24 years old and a third-year law student at the University of Cologne. In order to improve her public speaking skills, she started doing MUN during high school and thereby discovered her passion for debating and international relations. Since then she has participated in several MUNs. Organizing the second edition of CologneMUN is her biggest challenge so far.

She is very eager and motivated to work hard to enable another unforgettable conference.

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Sonia Bolte

Chief of Staff

Sonia Bolte is an 24-year-old student of European Law Linguistics and Law from Cologne. She is quite new to MUN, having participated in her first Conference in May 2018, but she is gaining more and more experience with every MUN that she is doing and she has got a few ones lining up for next year.

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Alfie Jenkins

USG Academics

Alfie is a born and raised Londoner and Politics and International Relations graduate from the University of Reading. He started MUN over 6 years ago, having taken on 40+ conferences in most positions from delegate, crisis staff, chair and most recently as the Secretary-General for the 2018 edition of LIMUN: High School.
Having chaired at CologneMUN last year, he’s very excited to be returning as the USG Academics and selecting an ace chairing team.
Outside of MUN, Alfie can be found either adjusting to the post graduate life, enjoying an episode of Rick and Morty or gaming (he will become best friends with anyone excited for Devil May Cry 5’s release in March)

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Shawki Alsayed Ali

As an electrical engineer currently working on his PhD, MUN conferences are as far away from his line of work as it can be. He first learned about MUN organizations through a local MUN chapter called ALMUN (Arab League Model United Nations) in Cairo University, Egypt. He joined ALMUN in the fall of 2012 and his enthusiasm for MUN has been ignited since then.

As a team member academics, Shawki is passionately working with the secretariats team on delivering a non-forgettable CologneMUN 2019 conference. He will be passing on his experience and knowledge to the delegates on matters like how to correctly present the arguments in a UN manner, how to properly represent the country of the delegation, how to write a draft resolution and much more.

Shawki doesn’t always to to MUN – but when he does, it’s legendary.

Jannis Stöter


Jannis studies law in the German-French bilingual program at the University of Cologne. Prior to moving to Cologne, he studied Electrical and Computer Engineering in combination with Economics at Duke University in the United States. That’s also where he got involved with ModelUN, participating in a number of conferences. Before that he was also active in the European Youth Parliament. Now, he wants to do everything in his power to make CologneMUN an amazing yet legendary experience for everyone involved.

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Victoria Faber

UDG Applications

Victoria holds the position of the “Under Director General for Applications“  and is currently in her third semester of business studies at the University of Cologne. As a member of the organizing team for the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences and part of the Supporting Team of the World Business Dialogue she knows what it takes to organise international conferences.

Even though she does not have previous MUN experience, she is very excited about staging a unique CologneMUN 2019 Conference that unites delegates from all over the world and encourages them to share their visions for a better future.

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Miriam Holtkamp

Team Applications

Miriam Holtkamp is 22 years old and studies  Social Sciences and Europe in global changeat the University of Siegen. She started her MUN career in 2015 at the SiegMUN and has participated in different MUNs including the SiegMUN, the NMUN in New York and the first edition of CologneMUN in 2018. The countries she represented are from Portugal to the DR Congo to the DPRK very divers. She enjoys MUNs and wants to work in this field after her graduation to promote human rights and political education.

Adar Aslan

UDG Finance

Currently Adar is studying law at the University of Cologne, where he discovered his passion for MUN at the very first CologneMUN conference in 2018. MUN for Adar means discussing international politics on a high academic and quite realistic level. Also, it is very inspiring to meet young people from all over the world who are passionate about the United Nations. Discussing with them gives one great intercultural experience and an insight how diplomacy and mutual understanding works. Attending a MUN is great fun for Adar and leads hopefully to many MUN friendships!

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Anke Eickmanns

UDG Fundraising

After the participation at the first initial MUN in Cologne, she developed a passion for the whole process . She enjoys meeting people from all over the world to engage with new cultures and broaden her horizons. Joining the secretariat probably becomes a wonderful experience for her and for all students being part of the next Cologne MUN 2019!

Anke is a 23 year old social science student at the University of Cologne. She is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree to work as an intern at the Daimler AG in spring.

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Tobias Zorn

Team Fundraising

Tobias is a 19-year-old student of Social Sciences at the University of Cologne. As a Team Member Fundraising he supports UDG Anke in her effort gathering funds to support the Cologne MUN.

Tobias was always actively engaged during his time in school and is now looking for new opportunities and projects, which the Cologne MUN now became a big part of.

Yannik Lamers

UDG Logistics

Yannik is a 22 year old student at the University of Cologne. He attends the bachelor program Social Sciences at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences with the purpose of extending his knowledge about theories and concepts of society and politics. After participation at the first Cologne MUN in 2018, Yannik is pleased in taking part in the CologneMUN Secretariat for the Cologne MUN 2019. He believes that attending MUNs is the best training ground to experience not just personal advancement but also intercultural growth. Different countries and cultures have always appealed to him. He is an open-minded and flexible person that respects and values other cultures and opinions.

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Logistics Team – Lavinya Öncü

Lavinya was born and raised where other people spend their holidays: The aegean coast of Turkey. Because of her multicultural background she lived, worked and studied both in Germany and Turkey. Currently, she is a 21-year-old Social Sciences student in her third year of her B.Sc in Cologne. Since Lavinya is passionate about international environments and relationships you can see her taking part in several international projects. As a member of the Logistics she wants your Cologne MUN experience to become an unforgettable one.  

Logistics Team – Robert Völker

Robert is 22 years old and currently studying Business Administration in his last semester at the University of Cologne. As a member of Team Logistics, he will help to ensure a smooth and  well-planned conference that will provide you with an unforgettable experience in Cologne. Personally, Robert had the opportunity to study

abroad in Tokyo and Lisbon and to be a delegate at student conferences in Cologne, Bangkok and Tokyo. However, he is keen to be in the Secretariat this time and to be responsible for organizational aspects. It is Robert’s first Model United Nations conference to be part of and he is counting the days to welcome you in the beautiful city of Cologne!

Miriam Arimond

UDG Public Relations

Miriam started her MUN career during her studies at Cologne’s law faculty and represented Cologne MUN Society as president of the board for a year. During that time, Irina worked as her PR director so Miriam decided to return the favor and be part of CologneMUN 2019 as UDG Public Relations.

Miriam currently gets her PhD at the University of Mannheim but is eager to bring her experience and contacts into her hometown conference. She is excited to share the entire journey with all of you through social media and would love to see you in Cologne in October 2019!

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Paula Geiger

Team PR

Paula is a second-year law student at the University of Cologne. Before her law studies she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Intermedia. During school she took the chance to participate in a number of exchanges, e.g. in New Zealand, France and Jordan. Now at the MUN she is passionate about new challenges, international relations and global topics. She is a member of Team PR.